• David Armstrong

The Dangerous Streets of St George

The Town of St George is becoming known for having some of the most dangerous streets in all of Canada. And the question a lot of us are asking, why isn’t our Town Council doing something about it?

We have several hundred cars travelling recklessly and dangerously, some reaching speeds of 135 km per hour. This is happening daily, within 2 feet of our sidewalks, when children and residents are out enjoying our community.

This is a problem that been happening for a long time and its getting worse. Its time that town officials puts a stop to it.

Early last summer, several residents on Riverview Avenue who were fed up with this ongoing reckless driving, rented a device for 16 days and recorded speeds of vehicles travelling in both directions. The results were frightening.

Of the 2,300 vehicles travelling daily, 80 % of them were travelling more than the 50 Km speed limit. In fact, 700 of them were travelling between the speeds of 61km and 120km/h. Those figures are scary

But what is more alarming, in those 16 days, not one speeding ticket was issued. In fact, no speeding tickets had been issued on our street for at least 3-months.

Just do the math folks, 700 vehicles travelling each day, for 90 days, breaking the law, driving dangerously, in a neighbourhood where families are out walking with their kids and their pets. Where folks are biking, and jogging, and not one ticket was issued.

I am not here to lay all the blame on our police force. We all need to do our part. As a municipality, the Town has a duty and a responsibility to make sure pedestrians are safe on municipal owned or maintained properties, and that includes our streets and sidewalks. Ignoring this duty of care is both negligent and irresponsible. It appears we have a few councillors who would rather bury their head in the sand, than to step to the plate and do something about this ongoing deadly problem.

Let me explain. We took our speed information to a Town Council meeting, and made a full presentation We even suggested several, well proven devices and methods that could help reduce the speed of vehicles throughout our town. We thought they were finally going to take action.

In fact, a motion was passed in December 2021 to purchase $3500 speed sign to help fight our war on speeding. But it was not without controversy. Three of the 7 councilors voted against it. Councilor Rubin, Councilor Colton, and Councilor Allison, felt they could not justify the expense to purchase equipment to help protect our community.

But what happened next is a bit more mysterious. 30 days later, after our CAO was instructed to purchase the speed sign, the sign had still not been purchased.

During the January council meeting, the original motion to purchase the sign was overturned and Councilor Rayner joined Councilors Rubin, Coulton and Allison.

Do these councilors feel that the residents of St George are not worthy of a $3500 investment to help make our streets and sidewalks safer? It’s a simple question. You either want to address this ongoing, deadly issue, or you don’t. And it appears, those 4 councillors don’t!

I was surprised when I read Councilor Colton’s remarks in the Telegraph Journal that the Town Council had decided not to buy the speed sign because the price went up and it was no longer affordable.

Folks, I am telling you, that is complete nonsense. I know for a fact, cause I purchased that same speed sign in early March for $3,465. Same sign, same price which was offered to the Town back in December.

What’s puzzling tho, every councillor has admitted publicly that the Town of St George has a serious speed problem on all of our streets, not just Riverview Avenue, yet these 4 councillors refuse to do anything about it.

If they feel a band aide approach of borrowing a speed sign for a couple weeks a year and installing it on one or 2 streets is going to stop this speeding problem, they better give their head a shake. The town residents and our guests deserve more than that. This is an ongoing problem happening throughout the town, 365 days a year.

If it takes numerous speed signs, speed cameras, more signage, or more enforcement, whatever it takes, these councillors need to do the responsible thing and make the necessary investment to protect our community against this reckless driving.

There are grants to help purchase this type of equipment. Our MLA Andrea Anderson Mason has offered to help access that money, yet I do not see anything being done.

If our CAO and Town Council think it’s too much work to apply for this free money, then we suggest taking a small amount of that $300,000 surplus from 2021 and do what is needed. This type of investment is exactly what those funds are earmarked for.

The residents of St George should not live in constant fear that our loved ones are going to be run over, or a driver is going to lose control and come crashing through our homes. 

I ask you 2 questions. Why is this dangerous speed problem continuing to happen? and what is it going to take to stop it?

Folks, if this speeding issue concerns you, I urge you to call, text, or email the St George council members, the mayor, the CAO, and your local MLA.

We need to do whatever it takes to show that we care about our community. Let’s start holding our elected officials accountable. AND let’s start working towards making the streets of St George the safest in all of Canada, rather than the most dangerous

David Armstrong

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