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Hillcrest Sub-division Road Problem

Hi Folks…. Welcome to another story from The St George News Network (The Voice For Ordinary Folks)

I am David and my story today is how much longer does the residents of Hillcrest sub division have to put up with the unpaved road crossing into the largest sub-division in St George... I have been contacted by several of the property owners who live in this 55 home, residential community and they have become very upset and they just want to know…. Their disappointment is with ….the Town’s CAO, who has stated months ago, it was going to be fixed any day..

Folks, this road was dug up in February 2022, and here we are 6 months later and this road crossing has yet to be completed. Six months to leave unfinished work with potholes and loose gravel and then not pave it is absolutely outrageous and irresponsible. I don’t know who is making the decisions on what gets done and what doesn’t get done but I would encourage the mayor and council, including hired staff to start driving around our community a bit and start taking notice of these things or start talking to St George residents and listen to their concerns. .

Last year one of the councillors actually brought up this issue at a town council meeting. She felt that several road crossings throughout the town were taking way too long to repair, sometimes months would go by before unpaved surfaces would be fixed. Totally unreasonable. Well, nothing has changed. I listened to unreasonable excuses from our CAO, waiting for gravel to settle, that is ridiculous that is exactly why they invented compactors, another excuse I heard we don’t have the manpower, well get a sub contactor to do it … There is absolutely no excuse or reason that would have prevented this road crossing to Hillcrest subdivision from being paved 3 months ago.

This unpaved crossing is about 10’ by 26’ …. Its full of potholes, loose gravel….dust flying around every time a car passes by and its extremely noisy for those who enjoy having their windows opened at night time… People’s homes are within 50 of this . Its ludicrous why this has not been fixed earlier in the summer. The homeowners are paying big taxes and they deserve more.

Hopefully this podcast will get some attention and convince whoever is making the decisions and get off their butts and do finally do something about this.

That’s how I see it . Soooo I hope you enjoyed the podcast and remember if you have a good story, you reach out to us.

This is David Armstrong , signing off at the St George News Network

(the voice for ordinary folks)

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